Africans: The most academically successful ethnic group in the United States



African immigrants to the United States (not to be confused with Black Americans, who are the descendants of former slaves) are the most academically successful social group in the United States, and one of the most prosperous.

According to The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education, 48.9% of all African immigrants hold a college diploma. This makes them not only the most successful immigrant group, but the most successful ethnic group overall in the United States. For comparison, this is double the percent of White Americans with a college degree, and quadruple the percent of all Black Americans with a college degree. 19.4% percent of African adult immigrants hold a graduate degree, compared to 8.1% of whites and 3.8% of blacks.

Africans have the highest high school graduation rate of any immigrant population. Only 7.6% of African immigrants, according to the 2000 U.S. Census, were not fluent in English. This is even lower than than immigrants from Europe, Russia and Canada, who had an 11.5% non-fluency rate combined.

This does not just apply to immigrants fresh off the boat. Studies show that these results are more or less replicated even in second or third generations.

Self-selective immigration bias aside, what does this tell us about black culture in the United States?

6 Responses to “Africans: The most academically successful ethnic group in the United States”

  1. Chris Van Vechten Chris Van Vechten Says:



  2. Electric Elliot Electric Elliot Says:

    This also might indicate that most African immigrants come to the US for an education.

    You might consider as well what it takes to get a degree in this day and age. Not to criticize this study, but I wouldn’t call most of my colleagues particularly adept.


  3. enigma enigma Says:

    Electric Elliot, your bias is evident. Additionally, if degrees are now so easy to acquire, how come Americans are not acquiring them? if you want to belittle this study, give an academic or cite an opposing study, no one cares for your “wisdoms”


    Electric Elliot

    Electric Elliot Reply:

    Wow, baby’s got a temper. Listen enigma, I don’t think I was starkly attacking this study by any means, just offering some food for thought. I didn’t realize we lived in a society where sharing thoughts is looked down upon.

    Why are Americans not acquiring degrees? MONEY. Degrees cost MONEY.


  4. Inclined to disagree Inclined to disagree Says:

    And yet Africa is considered to be if not the poorest continent, then one of them. So how do you think they can afford it? They are more hungry and work harder to earn earn it. considering they have the challenges to get to the US to begin with, adapt to life here, overcome racial barriers they knew nothing about considering there place of origin, support legions of family members while attending school, and finally manage to pass there classes. Which is rare because the most Africans I know who went through college were not bad students. So really where could they get that kind of money? Again, they work hard for every cent. But then again, just food for thought. Lol


  5. African4 African4 Says:

    White South Africans are also classified as African when they immigrate to the US. They are normally highly educated.


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