Melon Radio – Season 2


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05/03/08 – Season Finale
(not recorded due to idiocy)
Guests: Equal Time Radio’s Frank Blair, Tacoma Cartoonist R.R. Anderson, Melonite Joseph La Sac and filmmaker Lila Kataeff

04/26/08 – Special Edition – Veterans
Professor of IPE at the University of Puget Sound David Balaam, Government Relations Director of the Northwest Chapter of Paralyzed Veterans for America Skip Dreps, Congressman representing WA 6th District Norm Dicks, US Senator Patty Murray.

The MelonMelon 5 (Food Crisis w/Prof. Balaam and International Correspondent Walid Zafar, Zimbabwe, Hamas, Student Loans, Supersonics), Tech Report, Local Yokel.

Professor Balaam on the World Food Crisis

The Core – Veterans w/Skip Dreps

Interview with Congressman Norm Dicks
Interview with US Senator Patty Murray

Georgia, Haiti food crisis, Supreme Court lethal injection decision, discussion on Iraqi War.
Guests: Whitney Rhodes from exit133 and Professor of English at the University of Puget Sound Hans Ostrom.

The Melon – Melon 5/Tech Report

Tech Report

The Core – exit133 report/ discussion with Hans Ostrom

Columbia Trade Pact, the Petraeus Paradox, the food crisis in Haiti
Guest: Professor of History at the University of Puget Sound Theodore Taranovski

The Melon – Melon 5/World Report

Around the World with Walid Zafar

The Core – Interview with Professor Taranovski

NATO, Blackwater returns, Spit-Seeds. China/Tibet discussion.
Guest: Todd Little of Students for a Free Tibet.

The Melon – NATO, Blackwater, Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Spit-Seeds.

Tech Report w/ Walker Lindley

The Core – Local Yokel report, Around the World w/Walid Zafar, China/Tibet discussion.

Local Yokel w/Chris “The Wedge” Van Vechten

03/29/08 (recording stifled by internets)

Guests: Professor of Economics at the University of Puget Sound Garrett Milam and Washington State Poet Laureate Sam Green.

The Melon (about 2 minutes recorded):

Tech Report:

Interview with Washington State Poet Laureate Sam Green:

Gaza, Columbia, Primaries

Guests: Pierce County Councilmember Calvin Goings and (WO)MEN Speak Out

Melon (Melon 4, Tech Report)

Core (Interview with Calvin Goings and (WO)MEN Speak Out

Topics: Nader, the state of Iraq, Boeing

Guests: Professor emerita at City University of New York Jill Norgren

Melon (Melon 5, Tech Report, World Report)

Core (Interview with Prof. Jill Norgren about Belva Lockwood)


Topics: Castro, Kosovo, FISA and more

Guests: University of Puget Sound Professor of Politics and Government Eric Williams

The Melon (1st hour – Melon 5, Tech Report, World Report)

Tech Report

The Core (2nd hour – Eric Williams, Elections)

02/16/08 - (Fuzzy recording!) Chris “the Wedge” returns to take over hosting duties for a out-of-town Electric Elliot. Local politics and world news.
Correspondents Walid Zafar, Walker Lindley, Phil Munsterman

02/09/08 - (Not recorded due to idiocy). Kenya Conflict, Stimulus Plan,
Bush’s Budget, Caucuses/ Candidates.
Guests: Walid Zafar, Walker Lindley, Ari Milner, Chris “the Wedge” Van
Vechten, and libertarians Andrew Bourdon, and Jeff Ammons.

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