5. “Our young professionals and our working families cannot afford to purchase a home. Over regulation has driven the cost of an average home up thousands and thousands of dollars.” (Kim Angel, Candidate for State Representative, GOP)


Wait, I thought it was precisely a lack of regulation and oversight in the mortgage industry that got us into this mess in the first place? Isn’t that why Pierce County has seen its first decline in home values in decades?


6. Few candidates are as quotable as JIM McCUNE (State Representative, GOP). Here are just a few snippets from his highly entertaining campaign website.  I hope everyone reading this will review his website, and help to vote him out office.


“Those who engage in criminal behavior must know that they will receive swift, sure and meaningful punishment that meets their crime. No criminal should escape the consequences of their crime by legal maneuvering or technicalities. Jim will continue to work for tougher sentencing, prison reform and juvenile justice reforms. It’s time to put the “P” back in punishment!”


“Man’s stewardship of the environment is a sacred trust; any abuse of the environment is an affront to that trust. Government does play an important role in protecting the environment from misuse and abuse. Jim believes that plans to protect the environment must recognize that mankind, too, is a part of the environment and has a right and responsibility to use and develop the earth’s resources for the betterment of all. While protection of the environment is very important, we must also take care not to sacrifice the fundamental rights of the people in the process.”


This is a cyclical argument that doesn’t make any sense. “Stewardship” implies ownership, which is directly contrary to Rep. McCune’s following statement that mankind if a part of the environment.


If Man owns the environment, then logically he is responsible for it. Therefore, someone is responsible for all those hurricanes off the Gulf – the Earth is not just going through a “natural cycle.” Said person should be fired. On the other hand, if man is A PART of the environment, then our government should be working to establish a balance within it: not protect the people’s right to pillage it.


“Families are the building blocks of society. Our nation has become as great as it is because we have had policies in place that support and strengthen the traditional family unit and marriage. Jim has been a strong advocate for families, and he will fight any attempts to redefine and weaken marriage and the family, such as the creation of “domestic partnerships” which in the end receive the same benefits as married couples.”


7. A lot of fun has been made over the years of the Roach family, but – in honor of his wife Melanie, I will spare them this election cycle.


8. As a graduate of Puyallup High School, Pierce Community College and the University of Washington, I’m firmly committed to improving public education.” (Rob Cerqui, candidate for the State Representative: Democrat)


Wait?  Is Cerqui saying that he got a shitty education?


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  1. Jen Drake Jen Drake Says:

    Who knew the word “boondoogle” could be so creatively useful? Now I know what to say to my brother the next time he’s being a punk: “go boondoogle your boondooglie self with the mirror.” I think I used it as both a verb and adverb. With my brother, it will be time to put the “P” back in PAYBACK. Yeeaahh!!


  2. Liam Rosen Liam Rosen Says:

    I laughed a lot at this. Especially number 8.


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