Election Day in Tacoma


Yesterday, The Melon went to a couple polling places in Tacoma to talk to voters about their choices and reasons for voting in this election. Here’s the resulting video:

Election Day in Tacoma from The Melon on Vimeo.

2 Responses to “Election Day in Tacoma”

  1. Jen Drake Jen Drake Says:

    I love “A-ha”

    I also loved the one guy’s comment that he has waited in an hour-long line for a ride at Disneyland, so why can’t he do that to vote??!! Rock on!

    That was interesting to hear the one lady say she voted for Obama and not for Gregoire (because “she’s raised my property taxes every year”). a-ha.

    I can hear the Republicans chanting, “33%! 33%!”


  2. Glynnis Kirchmeier Glynnis Kirchmeier Says:



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