Tacoma School Board Meeting 02.26.09


Here’s the first hour of the 02.26.09 Tacoma School Board Meeting. The Melon will no longer be offering this service due to conflicts. We did, however, speak at this meeting to encourage the school board to film themselves. Below you’ll find footage of the meeting and our segment.

The Melon lobbies the school board for filming meetings:

Thanks for your support in this endeavour, hopefully the school board will implement video recorded sooner, rather than later as suggested by the board President.

One Response to “Tacoma School Board Meeting 02.26.09”

  1. Erik Erik Says:

    Nice work Chris and Elliot. Very professional and pursuassive. Especially was good was the fact that the school district has a zillions security cameras through the school district but can’t seem to spare one camera for public access.

    Videotaping of the meetings is so important as it makes the school district’s decisions transparent and leads to better decisionmaking, lowering the chance for one small factional interest group from unduly influencing policy.


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