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President 2.0?


Friday, November 14th, 2008

youtube_logoPresident-Elect Barack Obama announced on Friday that he’ll be posting weekly You Tube addresses during his Presidency. While this is certainly far more than we could have expected from the computer illiterate Sen. John McCain should he have claimed victory on November 4th, to suggest that Barack Obama is “FDR 2.0″ or even the cyber-President because of this is somewhat of a far cry.

I wasn’t aware of this until today, but apparently President Bush (yeah, that guy) has been posting weekly radio podcasts since January 27th, 2001.  While I had no idea Bush had any connectivity to the outside world beyond his plastic press conferences, these podcasts have been frequently referred to on NPR.

Sure, a podcast is different from a You Tube video in that President Bush could be jerking off at his ranch in Crawford, snorting cocaine off an interns ass, licking globules of chocolate from a twenty gallon container of pudding and reading notes while doing a podcast, where as in a You Tube video the chances of doing something stupid in the public eye is dramatically increased.

What I’m getting at is, a You Tube video doesn’t signify transparency any more than a podcast, but certainly being able to gawk at President Obama’s beautiful brown eyes on a weekly basis couldn’t hurt.